Weapon suggestions


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I ve opend this topic to sort the ideas and copied Hegota's qoute in the 3D Models topic over here

Yea, I was thinking about that possibility as well.  Something akin to Halo's melee attack.  As well as there being no secondary fire, there was also no melee attacks and lets face it, gamers would be lost without it.

My other thought was the silencer dropping the weapon with his right hand and punching the enemy with the left.

It hasn't to be completly as the original game, why not adding some new features. Especially because gamers of this time are used to having a secondary fire.

A fist punch sounds nice.
Would be cool if it can differ.
From behind disalbe the enemy with a weapon punch
In the front punch him in the face and maybe stun for a second.

Another topic are reload animations.
Was there reloading in the game?
If yes, did someone ever played wasteland hl ? (for hl 1) That mod had some awesome animations, well a bit too extreme for crusader, but why not let be him a bit bad ass, although or because he is an elite soldier.


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FWIW, I wouldn't do any new secondary attacks. Even in other games I rarely use them, as I bind the few mouse buttons I have to flashlight and reload.

Most of the time I don't understand why there needs to be secondary fire at all. Take the HL2 SMG for example, it can launch grenades... But if I want to use grenades, I use either grenades or the RPG. If I want to fight melee with the Silencer's fists, I choose fists for a weapon. Though obviously, this would have to be implemented first. :p


I also do not like secondary attack. Makes no sense, even in sci-fi games with their sci-fi guns.

I mean for me it's useless. In my personal idea, it should be wiser if the secondary attack would turn on a flashlight mounted on a gun. In other cases - no secondary fire for me.


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I have to say I agree.  The weapons in Crusader strike me as the kind that would only have a single fire mode.  That said, I see nothing wrong with a melee attack as a kind of secondary function for some weapons at least.

As to the implementation of a seperate 'fist' weapon, I don't see why not.  There are different degrees of complexity, but a basic 'hit with melee damage is within range' type function would be simple enough for an alpha version.


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Ehhh.  That sounds more like a rifle thing.  You should be able to flip the pistol around in your hand to pistol-whip someone, though (which is a little different than a simple butt attack).