Ultima Codex interview with Jason Ely


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The <a href="http://www.ultimacodex.com">Ultima Codex</a> site has put up an interview with ex-Origin Systems programmer Jason Ely. While most of the interview focuses on his involvement in <em>Ultima VIII</em>, he talks about his work on the <em>Crusader</em> games as well.
<blockquote>After <em>Ultima 8</em> I was offered positions on <em>Ultima 9</em> and <em>Ultima Online</em>. I really enjoyed working on <em>Ultima 8</em> a great deal. The only downside to working on a game that you also love to play is that some of the magic and mystery is lost as a developer. You know pretty much every secret and you know how it is going to end. So I guess you can say I enjoy playing them more than making them. I chose to go with Tony Zurovec and start the Crusader series.</blockquote>
Check out the full interview <a href="http://ultimacodex.com/interviews/we-had-a-lot-of-fun-with-the-other-explosives-an-interview-with-jason-ely/">here</a>.<br /><a class="wordbb-full-post" href="http://www.echosector.com/2014/03/ultima-codex-interview-with-jason-ely/" title="Ultima Codex interview with Jason Ely">Article: Ultima Codex interview with Jason Ely</a>

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One of the more interesting parts of this interview:

UC: Can you give us any details about the internal tools that were created in order to make the levels, artwork, animations, etc.?

JE: The game toolset was actually the game itself. The editor was compiled in with the game. So you would run the game in editor mode where you’d see the maps, the artwork, chunks and so on. You could place objects into the game then hit a key and play it from that location. It was very nice.

Since Crusader and Ultima VIII share the same engine (heavily modified for Crusader, though), I wonder is there a way to run any Crusader game in the "editor mode" and modify worlds. I mean, the HACK MOVER is something that looks like it, but it seems to me that HM was implemented in the game for quick modifying and testing the levels on the fly.


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Hey guys,

You probably already know, but the link appears to be broken.

What the heck? They only had it up for about a month. Did someone call copyright or something? lol
You can read the article here: http://ultimacodex.com/interviews/we-had-a-lot-of-fun-with-the-other-explosives-an-interview-with-jason-ely/