The Secret of the Silencers


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The Silencers are not part of the WEC.

Everyone, even Gauthier, thinks they are.  But the men and women who became the first Silencers found that the way their brains had been twiddled provided interesting insights.  They had wanted to be better soldiers.  Now they wanted something more, something they knew their "masters" would never provide.

So, newly lethalized, they quickly set terms.  They, not the WEC, would have complete control over the training and development of new Silencers.  They would have complete freedom to requisition resources, from weapons and munitions to creature comforts to armor to cold hard credits.  In return, when necessary, the WEC may call on the Silencers to achieve the seemingly impossible.  The Silencers are not good guys, nor bad guys--they consider themselves above that, a superior breed, more than human.  They may even see themselves as something like the next stage of human evolution, and so they must forge their own form of morality.

When you think about it, Silencers should have been guarding the facility, or at least the chamber itself, where Hoffman's new generation of Silencers were being bred.  They weren't.  Why?  Either they disapproved of the project, or were not informed of it.  If the WEC could breed Silencers, the entire selection and training process would be sidestepped, undermining an entire segment of their agreement with the WEC.  In addition, Gauthier may have been getting suspicious of his superweapons after the defection of one of their supposedly incorruptible number, and "neglected" to tell them.

If forced to choose, they would side with the WEC, purely for pragmatism's sake, but the Silencers would do what they could.

Plainly, since the Captain is not aware of this, such information is not presented to lesser officers, only those greater in rank.  Perhaps even Colonel Zurovec did not know, as he seemed as flummoxed as Vittek about what to do next--a general might have known the Silencers would be the ultimate example of "I against my brother, my brother and I against my cousin, my family and I against my neighbour, my neighbour and I..."
Very, very interesting analysis. You're really making me rethink my original thoughts on Crusader fiction-related stuff.
The idea is based, very lightly, on the Praetorian Guard of latter Imperial Rome, and how they became more and more influential.
But in the intro clip to No Remorse, the three siliencers are talking amoung themselves about 'command' and not shooting cilvilians because they were not rebels, but if the siliencers were a separate body then I dont think that they would care about not killing civies
Another idea for the Silencers.  I have personally rejected this one, though I think it's pretty cool anyway, just for being too out there.

The Silencer you play is not the Silencer who survived in the opening of No Remorse.  That's because that Silencer did not survive at all.

The Silencers are allowed some quirks.  Among them is that they insist on any remains of Silencers being returned to them, no matter the method of death, as long as it is not a natural death and retrieval is physically possible.  They hide why with obfuscations about a pseudocultish mindset.

When they receive the body, they clone it.  Twice.  They extract the memories through a technology they themselves invented.  They then use it to "flash-teach" the first clone that they are the real person, and alter memory as necessary so the clone survives.

They keep the first clone around.  Sometimes they overcome their new memories and find out they're clones, in which case they're told the truth, but most of the time they don't know.

The second clone is given a completely new set of false memories and sent out into the world as a sleeper agent.  (If these ones are killed, they aren't cloned, as to retrieve their body would be suspicious.)  They aren't given military jobs because it would be too obvious what they were.  Most aren't even allowed to remember who they are.  However, they have deep-set programming that means they automatically keep themselves ready to act.  Act for what?  I'm glad you asked.

Imagine that this has been happening since the Corps was founded, and no one but the memory techs and gene techs and the commanding general knows it.  While they have one training facility, like the Resistance the majority of the Corps is scattered in cells across the world, meaning no one knows everyone.  As are the sleepers, perhaps two or three to a given major metropolitan area where a Silencer cell is not normally active.

The Captain was killed, and a clone was kept around and a clone was sent out as a sleeper, with a twist.  He was allowed to remember he's a Silencer, and like his "stay-at-home" clone he had his memory altered to allow him to think he survived.  But as part of the Silencer General's endgame, he was deliberately sent to the Resistance.

Why?  I don't know.  But imagine the Silencers politely informing Gauthier that they were no longer under his command, and Gauthier musing that he only had to kill a few tens of thousands, super-soldiers though they may be, and then finding that there are anywhere from a few hundred thousand to millions (depending on how old the Corps is) suddenly performing surgical strikes all over the world.

I imagine a janitor at an airbase, when an air raid alarm goes off (Silencers, IMHO, can do anything, include flying fighters).  Jets are scrambled.  Then one radar guy notices: "Who's in Raptor 13?"  And then Raptor 13 starts shooting down his squadmates.  The pilot of Raptor 13?  The janitor.