Source art assets and design documents uploaded


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In celebration of the free promotion of <em>No Remorse</em>, I have uploaded 10GB of <em>Crusader </em>source art assets and design documents for unreleased games in the franchise. You can find the downloads in the <a href="">Artifacts</a> section of the website.

The ISO files located on the page contain art for the game boxes, advertisements, manuals, lore documents, t-shirt graphics, logo designs, and more.

Everything in the source art release is unmodified, so it may be a bit difficult to actually view and appreciate the work that went into the game art.

The design documents uploaded were previously on Echo Sector, but I have finally reuploaded them. They are documents for the unreleased games in the series: Crusader 2 / No Mercy / No Survivors / No Quarter. An intriguing thing learned from these documents is that Origin didn't know what to call the next game, or if they were making multiple games. The idea I take from these documents is Origin were trying to conceive of the best ways to keep the <em>Crusader</em> idea running after the departure of Tony Zurovec from the company.<br /><a class="wordbb-full-post" href="" title="Source art assets and design documents uploaded">Article: Source art assets and design documents uploaded</a>
That's A LOT of stuff to go through...

Oh well....since I'm on vacation till the end of this week, I have some time to burn. :)
Please message me if you can get reliable extracts from the ISOs. I've had to use SheepShaver and a particular version of QuarkXPress to compile a lot of the stuff. Most of the images work with IrfanView and a plugin, but a lot of it requires Photoshop or QuarkXPress.
I was even thinking about running a VM and creating a, sort of, "natural environment"...Do you have any idea which OS and/or program versions were used back then at Origin?
OK, so VM is not an option... I totally forgot that Apple used Motorola and PowerPC CPUs (basically non-x86 architecture) in their computers in the mid-90's. There are some System 7 emulators out there, but I don't believe it will be sufficient. Maybe a VM with older Windows OS and then I can install QuarkXPress 3.3 and Photoshor 3.0...
Hmm, hey if needed I can get you guys remote access to the PowerMac (G5) I have sitting in my server closet. We've never done anything with it and it is in good shape.