Some changes


well after short talks we have decided to reorginise everything here and abandon the project... joke :p

Now serious. So when you visit the forum you might be surprised by the number of new topics. Do not be happy as the topics are created for you to work on them :p hehehehe We should be more orginised, more active. Hellhound is right. So I agreed with Hell's idea and splited forum in certain sections. Like modeling, mapping, etc...

I also splited our Team in Core Team (the one who is responsible for the mod and it's orginisation) and Contributors, people, who later may participate in the project, become part of a team, supply models, textures, chars, etc... But we as a core team, we should create guideline for them and work ourselves of course :p

We as Core Team are responsible for our own section. We will monitor work there, create list of needed items and of course we will do/model/map those needed items ourselves. Some of us are more responsible. Like Jupix or Hellhound (if he agrees), they should monitor the general flow of work and probably find new talents, the ones who can help.

So people, let's get down to business, shall we?.. I think we slept enough.

P.S. I decided not to delete the old topics. It's our memory and history. But i'm pretty sure, that we need to begin our work from scratch. At least in the sense of topics.