So what I'm trying right now...


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...aside from balancing the five billions fandoms that are crammed into my brain... writing elaborations of scenarios from within the games that get into the head of the Silencer, as well as a short piece detailing how he contacts the Resistance in the first place.

It is more difficult than I at first imagined, as I tend to envision the Silencer as a sociopath who even thinks in a laconic fashion.  However, I am getting to some interesting points...such as how a female Rebel might be attracted to him on a purely physical level only to be turned off when he reacts with disdain.  (This is similar to the bit I put at the beginning of my No Mercy intro concept, but more involved and less humorous.)

I'm also trying to get him to not be entirely flawless as a fighter, or to give him a weakness of some kind.  Right now I've settled on claustrophobia, because I'm a cruel bastard and I figure there's no better way to torment a character than with a damned if you do (wearing an enclosed helmet), damned if you don't (not wearing the only thing that makes you feel like you're clothed) scenario.  I also have a reason for it all sussed out.

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Favorite bit of written dialogue of the past few weeks:
Silencer trainee: "[a bit of humorous observation, eliciting chuckles from other trainees]"
Silencer trainer: "That is humor.  I recognize that.  A Silencer does not laugh.  Humor is used by others to briefly realize the absurdity of the universe.  A Silencer must be truly objective, and must therefore realize the absurdity of the universe at all times.  Laughter in the face of absurdity, as you might imagine, would therefore be inefficient at best."
Silencer trainees: [don't laugh]
Silencer trainer: "Good.  You are learning."