Silencer's Real Name: Gary Stu?


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I am happy to report it is not.

Brief backround: Mary Sue was the name of a non-canon character in a Star Trek fanfic a few decades ago.  The story was a parody of all the other stories where a young Starfleet lieutenant with skills above and beyond all the canon characters falls in love with Kirk and/or Spock, has the feelings reciprocated, and dies heroically to save the ship.

Sometime after the story was released, it became part of the fan fiction lexicon.  A Mary Sue is any fan-made character, male or female (though males are sometimes called Marty or Gary Stus) that is really just an author kicking ass and taking names in his or her favorite universe.  The term became so pervasive, in fact, that the idea of the "Canon Sue" was created.

A Canon Sue is a character that is just so goddamn awesome that all other canon characers might as well go home.  Using the various "Mary Sue Litmus Tests" around the intarwebs, I have come to the conclusion that Silencer is not a Gary Stu.