No Regret Secret monitor level 2


I found the monitor above using hackmover. Like the previous secret telepad it shows on the maps but it's not documented in the strategy guide. I also don't know how to get in there without using hackmover. The only possible door seems the wallspace next to the camera at the elevator but I haven't found a bloody switch to open. I recall finding an orange keycard which is not used anymore (though I can't recall where I found it), maybe it's related to this. What the monitor does is opening the door to the final elevator, allowing you to skip the last portion of this mission. Anyone know how to access this room?
Since I'm digging up old secrets again, this is one I haven't ever figured out. Maybe after all those years someone has an idea? This is on the last level of mission 2 in the mines. If you up that platform you head to final portion of the level. You need to go through a back area open a door to the final room. However if you find the secret room I'm in, it will open that door for you, allowing you to bypass the last back area. Also there is a grenade launcher in the box in case you missed it in mission 1. At 1 I assume the door to be. I haven't found any secret switches that might open this door. The room is visible in the Prima Strategy Guide but it makes no mention of it. I assume I missed a wall switch hidden somewhere?


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