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Hey guys Im a big fan of this game and I have spent very happy hours playing this game in my young years :) I started interesting about dosbox on pocket pc and crusader and I found this site :) ,do you know that it can work on pocket pc? Im trying to get some more speed from the game cuase its little slow , I have mio P550 and WM5
I'm trying play in Crusader No Remorse on PocketPC (RoverPC N6)  in DosBox. Very bad play because very slow speed and many errors rendering. I think need portabl version Crusader on PPC for Windows Mobile.

RoverPC N6
ARM 400Mhz
Ram 64 Mb
Rom 128 Mb

P.S. Draw Crusader on PPC http://cyberionsystems.com/echosector/index.php?topic=489.0