Outline for Crusader II


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So I had another thought for plot.

There could be cells that splinter off from the Resistance and act without authorization, becoming more and more violent and terroristic. (I don't think we should shy from the fact that the game's protagonists are, technically, terrorists, but there are terrorists and there are terrorists.)

It's not that much of a problem at first, because the media will villify the Resistance with blatant lies to begin with, but as the game progresses, and the Resistance becomes more popular, the media begins to play up the acts of these splinter cells (ahem), forcing the Resistance to deal with them. i.e., the Silencer is sent to destroy them.


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Control scheme.

Rather that SWAD, XWAD. S toggles crouch. A, W, and D (maybe X) roll you around while crouched. Aim with mouse. Still third-person, of course. Since the engine would not be half-broken, more careful sidestepping and crouch-shuffling would simply be done by normal strafing and rolling but by holding the Shift key (i.e., turning off run). Perhaps you could even drop prone by holding S as opposed to tapping it. Jumping would be done with space.

Shadowen link said:
(I don't think we should shy from the fact that the game's protagonists are, technically, terrorists, but there are terrorists and there are terrorists.)

History will be written by the victor. If the WEC were to crush the Resistance eventually they'd be terrorists. If the WEC would get overthrown, they were freedom fighters.

As for your main idea, splinter cells aren't uncommon, there are always individuals who are disgruntled with the main group and have a different view on things. Another interesting take would the Silencer actually belong to a splinter group and going off on his own. That might be possible as I didn't see the Silencer like a "true" rebel. He only went to the other side since his own side tried to kill him and now he holds a grudge (understandable). He seems like a loyal soldier in No Remorse/Regret and while he shares a common enemy with the Resistance, the reason for his fight differs. Perhaps the Silencer finally found out who gave the order to mow down his team, wants to go after that person. I'm sure Maxis would have something to say about that.


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That's certainly one way it could go, but in this hypothetical game, you would be able to play the character as you wanted.
Being able to make a decision that impacts the further progression of the game would of course be very awesome! I could envision a scenario where you are happily going about destroying the WEC in a mission and on your way home for a cold one and then come across some information about the people responsible for the death of your team. Maxis realises this, orders you to step on the jumppad and return to let Central figure out what to do. Instead of doing that, The Silencer could have the option to take a tram whatever, in any case NOT return to the Resistance and pursue his own quest for revenge. It would impact the further pace of the game as the Silencer will be cut off from Resistance supplies.