No Remorse intro cinematic: did the Silencer let his teammates die on purpose?

The recent topic by Shadowen (questioning the Captain's gender) got me thinking about the intro cinematic again and I already expressed some thoughts towards that in that topic. I initially wanted to post that in my post there as well but I felt this was going hugely off topic and probably even warrants a topic of it's own.

Something else that has bugged me forever with that intro is also why the Captain didn't warn the others. You clearly see him drop a whole second before the Vetron starts firing and clearly he noticed something earlier on. Wouldn't he have shared his concerns with his teammates? Or did he/she only notice it in the last second, thinking that warning them wouldn't make any difference anymore except maybe attract the Vetron to the fact that he/she wasn't hit?

Or could it be he didn't warn them for whatever reason? Maybe he already had decided to leave the WEC and join the Resistance. Or maybe he decided after seeing they were sent to terminate innocent civilians and wasn't sure that Vittek and Zurovec, in spite of what happened and the obvious moral conflict they (or at least Zurovec) went through, would stop him or not.
Re: No Remorse intro cinematic: did the Silencer let his teammates die on purpos

I think that's what would call Poor Communication Kills.

After all, the Silencer is a Heroic Mime.  Why make him talk at all?

(, by the way, is an awesome site.  It's like a more laid-back, entertainment-focused Wikipedia.  Get to know the site, check the homepage and so on, learn the rules, and then have at it.)
The very first spoken line of the cinematic is "What good will that do?" without zooming in on any of the Silencers. Only when Vittek starts ranting "Oh man we shouldn't have let them go" does the camera show the Silencers with Vittek zoomed in.

Sometimes I think that first voice sounds like Vittek in later parts when discussing with Zurovec, but right at the start, it really seems to me it isn't. Listening to the initial dialogue sounds like they have at least three different voice actors which would only make sense if the third Silencer in the team also spoke.

But regardless any of that, it remains weird why he didn't warn his teammates. I don't think he didn't have the time to warn them, he is clearly aware that something is amiss while the other two discuss. While from the game's perspective it might seem logical to keep him silent since he's a silent protagonist, it really makes no sense from a story's or even character's perspective.
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Don't have No Regret installed on my system now, so I can't check, but I seem to remember the third Silencer in the intro (the Captain) speaks one line shortly before the Vetron attack. Isn't the Captain saying something like: "I have a bad feeling about this"?

I think he takes one hand to his/her head (almost as if sensing something) and speaks that line, then he/she feigns to be hit by gunfire.

Does this seem correct to anyone of you?
Ok, lets see
"What good will that do?"  - I think this one...
Re: No Remorse intro cinematic: did the Silencer let his teammates die on purpos

The Silencer link said:
I still thinks he does speak one line, the very first in the cinematic. I'm not convinced that it is Vittek.
Nah. Sorry, it does sound like Vittek to me.

Maybe we could ask Mr. Vittek himself?  :p
Jeya link said:
um, I think his line is \"I've got a bad feeling about this\" = 1.23...
(youtube link)

Yep, I was thinking about that line in my post above... I always though it was the Captain speaking that line.

In any case I think that basically the Captain does not warn his/her comrades just to avoid attracting the Vetron's attention on him/her.
Hah, I never heard that before. I had to turn up the volume high to hear it. But yeah I think that's the Captain speaking too.

I don't think he let them die though. You see him spot the robot and reacts to it instantly to not get shot down. Maybe he could have saved one of them. But in split second decisions you don't always do what you could/should have done.
Hmm, a few days ago I downloaded the script of the Intro Cinematic (linked from this site :p) and its official, our Tin Man don?t speaks at all.

I think he didn?t let his teammates die on pruppose. You see, I think he was not so aware of the inminent danger, but its just a very cautious guy. While the other two were much more worried with the near-future he was just there trying to stay alive. Worrying for the present and thinking that for sure the WEC command wasn?t happy at all. You can see him checking the dark and aiming, basically staying alert. Then when the Vetron attacks he has a little second to react, and feels somethin (Perhaps Silencers have a built in Movement Detector, but Zurovek and Vitek weren?t paying attention) and when a walking tank with twin machineguns enters a little room to nail down every single thing that moves the Crusader does the only thing you can do: Step aside and take cover

So I don?t think he let the Vetron kill his teammates, he just didn?t had time to warn them. He barely managed to get cover!
IIRC, the original script, before the rewrite, actually had the Silencer killing his fellows because they weren't as morally conflicted about it as he was.

So there may be something to the idea, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't intentional.
:mask: i agree with Khan , our hero barely have te time to cover himself also zurovec and vittek would not really  pay attention to anything he would say