No Monsters on Earth


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I haven't really thought about this even while owning The Collection. But after a few RPG campaigns on tabletop and online, I just realized something.

The WEC is a vile, oppressive global oligarchy true, but if for some reason you ever had to deal with horrors ancient or from beyond this world, you want the Consortium to be your best friend.

Some of the more powerful and exotic parts of the WEC's arsenal gives it a distinct position of being able to wipe the floor with just about any supernatural or alien horrors you can imagine.

UV-9 Pulsar: Highly concentrated pulse of ultraviolet energy. Perfect for frying vampires and other creatures vulnerable to it in addition to ordinary human beings.

LNR-81 Liquefier: Reduce zombies and their nasty biological taint down to primordial slime. Does not care if hydrostatic shock won't work on the living dead. Also works on The Thing. "Want to impersonate people buddy? Well, you can break down just like them too!" FR-ZAP!

BK-16 Crystallizer: Freeze the Blob, maybe even kill it outright with cellular damage from Absolute Zero (assuming you don't bother with Liquefying it in the first place.) Tenacious insectoid life forms of all kinds won't be too difficult when their bug limbs snap off the second they twitch.

And of course the rifles, pistols and even the shotguns can use special ammunition to deal with lycanthropes and other related problems.

There wouldn't be too much horror in the world of Crusader apart from the human ones, given how resourceful WEC military personnel from Enforcer on up could get what he or she needs to take care of the monster problems.
Great post!  ;D

Max Brooks shoulda included the weapons in his Zombie Survival Guide. (
You're assuming they're primarily physical monsters.  Or that they don't have any sort of resistance to poisons, radition, or cold.

Of course, if they're nothing more than a floating web of mental energy, the EM-4 would probably work.