My plans with Qemu


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:heart: Crusader and classic Operative systems always.:D. I am a fully Windows user since 1995. Old school Sound Blaster EMU 8000 user. ISA Bus one users. Those classic fellers fit inside these environment. Why not? ;):p. These junior is investigating the possibilities of building own source codes and c++ header files. If anyone wants to help I would thank to them I am trying to do a transport of compatibility. :-/. But is great I am understanding C++. Is wide different than C. And Windows work with C++. Also other with other languages as well. Such as binary codes from BIOS systems. And of course JavaScript. My intentions are to save money by investing an old PC such as AMDk5 or Pentium I. To add not to delete Dos-box I mean I also use it. But I think is quite limited. I got to play Crusader Series with a Pentium 3 Socket Pin Grid Away 370 with a SOYO 7VBA Main-Board absolutely great. I found many Q emu header files an C++ files. Also libraries. Both sided with other projects as well of course long way to go.:D;) But what options may have with 28 years old I am young. :roll-eyes:. Lot of hard work and experience also studied hardware devices and fixing PC. I have a secondary degree I must carry on inside PC environment. What do you think fellers?