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God thanks it isn't WoW, but I hoped you were addicted to modding a HL2 crusader version  :D
Is there something going on beside the box models ?


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hey guys this is awesome!!....i always dreamed about a crusader revamp :D
and now its here :D

amazing progress!!
dunno how i can help
i am kinda good with sketchup modelling
lemme see ill try modelling, the only thing that concerns me is converting to a format which is source engine compatible or with other 3d softs.

cant wait to c this in action!!!


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Woopee! NVIDIA released their new Geforce lineup... Hopefully I'll be running a pc powered by one in a few weeks.. Then it's time to reinstall Steam and Source SDK. :)


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Wow, good on u, they are one power house, though I feel the gtx280 is extremely overpriced especially when the new Radeons are doing well for their price. They will handle Source for breakfast  :p.
Waiting for early 2009 for Bloomfield (Nehalam) and the next generation of video cards or the current ones at low prices  :).


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I'm now running the new PC. :)

In case you're interested, it's a:

Asus P5E Deluxe
Intel Q6600
GeForce GTX 280

Steam is downloading patches & my games & the SDK as we speak. :)


Hello all together,

Our project is now nearly one year old, so maybe it's time for a status check.

I'm now trying to work at least 2 or 3 hours a week on my models.
Currently im texturing the SG-A1 and i hope to get finished soon.

What about everyone else? How's everything working out?


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As long there isn't a real project leader and/or somebody who can bring all the stuff together its hard to make some progress.
Also not to forget that it is more a small fan project, than a structured modding team i would firstly focus on makeing first the complete first level to have some visible progress.
But the point i was firstly disappointed was that there are quite some people very interested in such kind of mod, but not able to participate, because a lack of knowlage. Thats quite ok, but there also seem to be a lot of people who are still playing the good old crusaders, but can't make such helpful levellayouts like jupix posted.

So what do we have ?

  • the beginning of level 1
  • a new hud
  • a camera
  • robot controls
  • a weapon model
  • some boxes and barrels
  • some textures and decals
  • a crusader song

Anything missing?


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At the moment I'm working on AC-88 and PL-1.

PL-1 is complete (have to remove sum stuff that creates excess polygons for no detail)(about 1000-2000tris).
As UV-9 is similar in shape and design guess it will be easier to model by using similar parts.

AC-88 is also almost complete but a few design modification from my part( as some places it felt too blank) has increased poly count (about 5000 tris!!), gonna remove them.

Also modeled an industrial manufacturing machine as shown in the centre-left of this pic ( 2 - No Regret_5.png). The depressions on the sides of the main cylindrical body creates too many polygons and decided to use a parallax map or a bump map for them. Guess this model does require quite some detail. And yes I'm still illiterate in the subject of texture mapping gotta educate myself :)

Was busy the past months...had final xams for uni on april...moving to a new city the next month...1st at a temporary appartment then to the actual one the month after. Now September is here and university has started again

Ah time...time...time

1st level would be nice to complete as its a smaller step...guess none of the above models are for the 1st level  :p :D

Abyssary your SG-A1 model pic looks awesome!!


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Hey guys,

I spent some time looking into weapons coding.  The ballistic guns are no problem - even have a small section of code made which controls if a guy can have unlimited ammo on the right difficulty setting.

The energy weapons are also relatively easy.  For the most part they are a variation on the crossbow so again - easy enough.

The tricky part is the death effects associated with the energy weapons.  I've made a function that - on contact with an NPC - turns it invisble and replaces the model with a ragdoll skeleton (UV-9).  I'm thinking I can make a segement of client side code that will replace the skin with a generic melting flesh texture and slowly burn it away.

But yea, it's coming along slowly.  I'm quite busy now as I'm getting into the final year of my PhD and the pressure is ramping up.  I'll do a proper update on the progress of the coding when I have the time.

Question - have any of you dealt with viewmodel animations yet for the guns?


Wow, I'd love to see that disintegrating flesh effect.

We're definitely not going for a PG-Rating  :)

I've had a look at the viewmodel animations and it doesn't seem to complicated.
You have to make an animation-smd for each sequence and declare them in the qc file.

My problem is that all tutorials are writen for XSI and i still use Lightwave.
The smd exporter can generate animation files, but there are some differences how the bones are handled.
I'll make some experiments in the next weeks tell you what i found out.


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Hey sounds really nice,
couldn't you use the code of the pulse rifle secondary animation ?
When the energyball hits an enemy he is melting too. Isn't it a similar effect ?


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The Dissolve effect used by the combine ball is quite good, and it's what I use as the base for the coding.  What happens there is the NPC turns into ragdoll, gravity is turned off and it is punched up.  At the same time, a particle effect starts which streams little dots off it.  When the time is up, the ragdoll simply vanishes.

A similar effect will certainly be in place for some weapons, but for the UV-9 that melting effect is, for me anyway, iconic.  I think it needs a special effort to do it justice, which is what I have planned.


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Hellhound link said:
As long there isn't a real project leader and/or somebody who can bring all the stuff together its hard to make some progress.

This is true, unfortunately my time with Regret is currently extremely limited and I haven't gotten anything done for a while.

I have all the material and everything I need to continue working on this when I can. For now what we need most is a development tracker and file repo and that is my first priority. But until we have that, stuff will have to come together in a less organized manner.

Make no mistake, the mod is not dead from my perspective. So if anyone has inspiration and energy to make content, please do, so it will be there when I get the repo up and running.


yape, right now mostly busy with personal life.
Not so well orginised, but at least we are trying to... that's the beginning.

As for me guys, I would prefer to work on models, but when I begin to think about textures... my motivation disappears lol. I'm quite good at modeling industrial objects (and that's what Crusader is hahaha) but I suck at texturing.
I myself would prefer to work on models. Any model is fine for me, except characters (humans, robots, etc...)

If you can tell me that there is a person who can make UVs from my models and than texture them... than it's perfect, because I miss modeling. For the past several months I was battling with my PC ;) But yesterday I finally solved that issue, so I'm ready to begin work on model. But I would liek to repeat, solely on models.

And Hellhound is right, we need a manager, the one who can orginise all work right now. The one, who has time for this. I can't my second high education takes all my time, I get up at 5:30 in the morning and go to work, at 18:00 I go to University for my 2nd High Education and return home only 23:00. Than bed. So defenetely not much time for anything additional rather than modeling. No time and no will. Too tired. Jupix is away... so... I have an idea

what about Hellhound is taking this managing position? He has the right thinking and dedication in structuring our lazy modding team ;) So why not?

So what would you say guy?

P.S. Next week I'll start working on some models. At first I think it's good for us to create a level without textures maybe, somthing that we can base our work on.


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Ok i think a untextured model is better than no model.
Hopefully there is someone who's able to texture them. I tried working with 3dsm, but than a lot of private things happend and I lost the few things I ve learned. Now my motivation to start again is low, because there isn't the time to work with it continuously.

It isn't the thing that I have that much time, but life becomes more and more organized at the moment, so I may spend some minutes for working here in the forums. That easier possible in between.

What I can do is some sorting to help getting a better overview of things which are done or in work.
Also setting up a kind of to do list which we can schedule in different release states.
With an mapper I'd like to start some leveltexturing again, but thats a question of time and remembering how it works too.

My idea is to subdevide the forum into

where for each pice of work a subtopic exists with its actual status.

Later on I may try to find some more people through different forums. Maybe we find a mapper and somebody who can UV texture the models. But in all terms the mod should be fan work, where everyone can participate, we need only a core who fits the puzzle together.


yape Hellhound, personal life is quite busy. But me also is able to find several minuets to model. It's just that texturing stops me from modeling...

As for the forums, hmmm... I guess good idea. I can create child-forums (actualy already doing that) this should structurize a work a bit and will make it much easier to orient ;)

As for modeling, consider me as video-guy. I mean I can go quite professional with video element. So called post production. I'm quite proficient with After Effects, so making beatiful videos, transitions, trailers or similar stuff will be quite easier and fun for me.

I also think we need to update the Team List. I mean we need to restructure the tasks and write up everyone's responsibility. I'll edit it later today. Please post in the specified topic about your responsibilities as Core Team member. Later it will be easier for us to see what we are missing.


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Hey guys, I like what I'm seeing. It's cool the mod gets the organized look it deserves.

As far as changes in positions, Hellhound can of course have the "organization"/management position (held by Cyb before). Obviously I will still exist as project lead to provide a coherent development direction.