Mod Overview


This text is written by Jupix (just used his text to create this information) Any additions/correction and anything else that may appear on this context will be done by him.

Half-Life 2: Regret is a Source adaptation of the 90s shooter game Crusader: No Regret. It attempts to recreate as accurately as possible the map design, weapons, props and gameplay of the original game while converting it from isometric projection to a 3D FPS. Development of the mod started in December, 2006 and is ongoing.


    * Based on the Half-Life 2: Episode One version of the Source engine.
    * Recreates servomechs
    * Recreates weapons
    * Recreates Spider Bombs
    * Recreates security cameras and levelwide alarms
    * Duplicates level design and gameplay
    * Utilizes modern Source features such as bumpmapping and VGUI
    * Community powered. Mod content completely created for free, to be distributed for free. Will most likely be open source. Props and documentation will be released as a pack to enable people to create their own Crusader-themed maps for the mod.


The mod does not have a development team per se. The mod is powered by community-generated content. That means anyone can contribute any amount of content, in any department, and as each development milestone is approaching, I (Jupix) will put all this content together into a release. A few volunteers oversee and organize development in their departments of choice (modeling, texturing, coding and mapping), and report to me.

At the moment, the most fundamental development obstacle is modelling the original game props into Source-compatible models, complete with texturing and physics. With these we can map out the original levels and have a Crusader world to interact with and shape into a game. For more detailed and current info on how the mod is coming along, check out the roadmap.

We are always looking for contributors, and always hungry for more content. If you want to contribute, please get modeling, texturing, coding or mapping, and post all results at these forums. The more people we have, the faster we will get to play a real Crusader FPS!


See Team.
Very good idea man. I wish I had more time to learn 3d modelling to help out. I envy you guys who know 3d modelling :). Crusader never dies!
Hello there

Well i stumbled upon this site and your plans for a mod and was directly enthusiastic about it.
Crusader was and is still one of my favourite games, so i'd like to lend a hand.

I have a few years experience in modeling, mostly as a hobby. And as you guys are in need of modelers i thought: "This is my chance"

I tried to make the workstation and computer terminal from the first room and here's the outcome:

There's still some work to do, as i didn't do much texturing, but i think it could be useable.

Please say what you think of it and tell me.
Wow! Awesome to hear there's yet another curious soul looking at Regret! Welcome aboard :)

Your model looks simply fantastic! Very much like the original, brilliant work.

By the way, remember to save the computer and the workstation/table-shelf thingy as separate models, because in the end that's how they are going to be used in game. There are often other items on the table instead of the computer.

Once the models are finished and I get to mess around with them :), I think I'm going to have the computer a bit further down the table, just a notch though, 10 centimeters or so. I know the original has it right on the edge but I still think it would look more believable further in.
I already made them separate, i just put them in a scene toegether to show how it would look like.
Scaling and moving shouldn't be a problem.  :)

If i'm correct then Cyberion also uses Lightwave for making the models, so we hopefully have no problems with converting different 3d-files.

According to the posts, you also need a object for the collision detection, and the models should at least have a diffuse and a bump or parallax map, am i right?
Cyb uses Lightwave all right. You need a .smd exporter plugin for it, check out the Models topic where this was discussed in more detail. And correct, I also need a collision detection model. If you want to, you can include heightmaps for the textures, and I'll use them for bump mapping, the model itself should remain unchanged in this case (as it is the Source material system that does the bump mapping). Advanced texturing such as this is not crucial at this point, though.

Also, if you are very comfortable with texturing models, Cyberian's latest models are currently without textures as he dislikes the procedure. Just in case you are interested. :)
ahhh welcome Abyssary! Nice to have you here bro. It's a pleasure to see another Lightwave user ;)

The model looks great, very nicely done. Can't see the wireframe, but I bet it's right and clean! Good work.

As for converting there is a plugin for lightwave. Download it here -
You will need 1 plugin from the package for model exporting. The rest are not interesting to us as of now. Cause they are for animation and other stuff. Sorry i forgot the nameof the plugin. I think it's smd_export.p but better consult with readme file inside the archive. Just add it to Lightwave and you will have it under your Additional popup menu in Utilities Tab.

As for collision model. Well use simple technique. Called Bounding_Box. I'm not sure what version you are using, but in 9.3 it's under Detail Tab -> Measure popup menu. It will automaticaly create a bounding box around your model with exact size of your model. Of course if model is complex You might need to do some boolean operations manualy to give it needed shape. But it's easy one.

As for textures, well I hate texturing lol. Of course I can do them, but it takes me 3 times more time than to model an object itself. It's just crazy lol. So so far we decided with jupix that I will model first and than we will see about Textures. hehehehe

And welcome aboard mate. I guess it's time for Jupix to create a "Credits" list where everyone should be placed under task position lol. So we won't lose the track of the things. I can work on that I love naming and crediting people lol. I consider it to be a small feature of every mod :D

EDIT: added CREDITS to the first post. Just a quick edition. You might wonna edit it over. Just indicated what I could remembered.
Ok, thanks for the welcome  :)

I've got Lightwave 8.5 and the plugin seems to work.
Don't know if the bounding-box feature is already included, but that shouldn't be a problem.

As for texturing it'm also not very good, but i'll give it a try.
I mostly use material textures i got from somewhere else and add some procedural textures directly from lightwave.

One question: How are the textures applied? simple UV-Maps?
well for game you will need to do UV maping. Otherwise it's impossible for the game engine (Source is nto exception) to read textures. Precedurals and Gradients are supported only by Lightwave.

So you will have to do UV map for a model and than draw a texture for this map. Pain in the butt I tell you lol.

We will also need to redistribute who will model what lol. So we won't work on the same object hehehe.

Ohh and join our IRC channel (look to the left menu) We are always there and ready to discuss the project specific stuff.
hmm Bboy, maybe he has a wish to contribute to the project? Cause we badly need character modeler for enemies and robots.
And other stuff too if he feels like modelling, we can never have too much help. :) Even simple props like switches, weapon clips, etc.
I lost contact with him a long time ago. No Regret was one of the games he played with me when he was at my place. He can 3d model airplanes and some other cool stuff too. I'm not sure if he can do human models.
If you need some heavy or powerfull music to add to the proyect. I can contribute to it. I'm a great guitarrist. I have a Zoom 505II which contains some rare effects for the guitar that might sound great. Soon I'll send some mp3's of the songs, of course I will remake the main menu Crusader No Regret Song into rock feeling. :)
New music I will write obviusly.
Though it would be great to have remakes of the original music, for two reasons: 1) it's illegal to use the originals, 2) modern sounds might fit the modern graphics better. :)
Great News I have Just recorded a song of crusader!!!!, I call it ?Phil Rock Remix? sounds really burning metal!!!. Hehe do you know where I can upload it???. Please send me an email or post it in my Cru thread. This song is completely redubbed and temporized with Guitar Pro 5 and the guitar dubbs are my own hands. :) :D