Level 1, Section 1


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Level 1, Section 1: Opening room

Description: Player enters a cargohold through the sliding double door [P.START], has to solve problem #1 (how to operate the lift), problem #2 (how to disable the energy barrier) and exits through the sliding double door on the second floor.


New content needed

Texture: Wall, standard Finished by Cyberion
Texture: Floor, metallic blue plating Finished by Cyberion
Texture: Warning stripes Finished by Jupix
Texture: Haz-Mat warning symbol, white on blue background Finished by Jupix
Texture: Haz-Mat warning symbol, black on white background
Texture: "2" decal Finished by Hellhound
Texture: "Hand" decal
Texture: "Restricted Area, authorized personnel only" decal Finished by Jupix
Texture: Floor, metallic red
Texture: Ceiling (under debate, please improvise)
Texture: Steps Finished by Hellhound
Texture: Floor, WEC symbol Finished by Hellhound
Texture: Door, heavy metallic
Texture: Door, gold-tinted, partially see-through Finished by Jupix
Prop: Wall, complicated #1 Finished by Cyberion
Prop: Wall, complicated #2
Prop: Wall, complicated #3
Prop: Wall, complicated #4
Prop: Wall support pylon Finished by Cyberion
Prop: Wall scaffolding Finished by Cyberion
Prop: Alarm light Finished by Abyssary
Prop: Fence, thick, orange Finished by Cyberion
Prop: Fence, thin, green (we have a blue/metallic version)
Prop: Medium sized Haz-Mat container, turquoise, with physics Finished by Cyberion
Prop: Transporter pad Finished by Cyberion
Prop: Crate, tall, with physicsFinished by Cyberion
Prop: Crate, short, with physicsFinished by Cyberion
Prop: Haz-Mat Tank, large, turquoise
Prop: Container, large, cubical In Progress?
Prop: Weird cubical thingy right next to the first door
Prop: Workstation Finished by Abyssary
Prop: Security Terminal Finished
Prop: White Suit, static
Prop: White Suit Torso, static
Prop: White Suit Helmet
Prop: Locker Finished by Cyberion
Prop: Switch, handcrank with orange detailing
Prop: Switch, keypad, toggle
Prop: Security Camera Finished by Heoga
Prop: Alarm Light Finished by Abyssary
Prop: Rounded Crate, wooden, deep colors Finished by Cyberion
Inventory item worldmodel: energy pack
Inventory item worldmodel: remote bomb
Character: WEC Guard
Character: Civilian
Character: Mech
Sound: Door operating (heavy)
Sound: Door operating (light, partially see-through)
Sound: Alarm sound
Sound: Keypad activating
Sound: Elevator operating
Sound: Laser barrier humming
Sound: Computer terminal activating
Sound: RP-32 firing
Sound: RP-32 reloading
Sound: Remote bomb exploding
Sound: Energy cube used
Sound: Security camera rotating
Sound: Handcrank switch operating
Sound: Large container exploding
Sound: Security Terminal activating
Sound: Atmospheric hum (standard)
Sound: Atmospheric hum (pipelines)
Sound: UI negative (when player does something which fails)
Sound: Character sounds