Installing Crusader Desktop Theme?


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Hey, I have downloaded the compressed theme file from this site but do not know how to upload all components from the theme to use on Windows XP.  They are not in a .theme format and I am not sure of the location of the default theme files on XP.  Could anyone walk me through this?  Much appreciated.

It was designed for Win95. I haven't test it on XP however, but I guess it should work. Here is a guide for you:

Rename the old c:\LOGO.SYS to c:\LOGO.BMP
(just in case you want it back for some reason)
and move the one from your temporary directory to c:\
This is your new Logo start up screen for windows.

Now, go into your windows95 directory.
Rename the old c:\<win95dir>\LOGOW.SYS to LOGOW.BMP.
(This is your Waiting-to-turn-off-computer screen)

Rename the old c:\<win95dir>\LOGOS.SYS to LOGOS>BMP.
(This is your Turn-off-your-machine screen)

Now move the LOGOW.SYS and LOGOS.SYS from your Cru-Temp directory
into you c:\<win95dir>\ directory.

Create and move all other files into c:\Program Files\themes\Cru (just an example)

Using desktop themes in the control panel (right-click the desktop and select properties), select Other...
Go to the directory created for the theme. Select it.

You may now delete you temporary directory.

Restart your computer...

It should work now. I really how it works ;)