I need some certain files here..


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Anyone has Fixed.FLX file under STATIC folder? I can't run my Crusader game coz that file is corrupted =X
what game exactly? No Remorse, No Regret? Could you give us more specific info.

And do you have licensed copy of Crusader? Because we do not support any pirated versions.
I know No Regret has the file, but I'm not sure about No Remorse. We won't upload the file, nonetheless. We can't take the risk.
I got the Crusader CD but it was badly scratched. I even got that exclusive WEC Newsletter which i love the most. :D

I need the file for No Regret.. and also... does anyone has any extra posters for no remorse and no regret? i wanna get one =X
I suggest just purchasing a new copy of the game. You can probably win a CD-only auction for USD$5 or less.