How do you scare an upstoppable killer?


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The Silencer interests me because he is human in shape but acts in such an inhuman way.  Is he human on a deeper level, though?  Does he have favorite foods?  Is he a sexual being?  Is his favorite color, perhaps, not red?

What does he fear?

I think he has to be afraid of something.  It wouldn't be anything occupational--dudes pointing guns at him, physical pain, infirmaries.  I doubt it would be anything innocuous, either.  Something silly or weird from his childhood (assuming he had a real one), like bees or heights, would also be out, because the act of becoming a Silencer seems to have affected him to the point where he can't just dismiss the notion that he was genetically engineered and grown in a vat.

So that would leave something that came up during his training/transformation.  I have this idea where some of the process of becoming a Silencer requires extensive gene therapy, at which point you're enclosed in a small tank filled with water (wearing a breath mask) while the stuff is done to you.  I can see him picking up a phobia there--not of water, or of enclosed spaces, but both at the same time.

This might not sound important, but there could be parts in a new game where he has to go underwater, and you know how underwater sections are in shooters.
The Silencer, or more specific, The Captain you play as, is probably not more than your regular video game hero.

In crusader it is kinda like in halflife where your character does not have a real personality. His personality is given to him by the player. The way the player acts is how the silencer or freeman is acting  :)

But I must admit in the few video sequences where you see the silencer fighting, he is pretty relentless, even killing the workers. Probably the hate on the WEC has grown within him through all the experiences he had with it. Maybe before its time in No Remorse he has seen things which made him like that. And after No Remorse where he lost all his new "friends" he became even more hateful.

Interesting thought though  :mask:
:mask: how can you say that the Captain is just a regular videogame hero and his personality is given by the player...he has a personality, he defects to the Resistence even knowing that most of it would killed him in fear of what he is, he takes any mission without doubt to prove his loyalty, he killed joanne vargas when she becomes the traitor, he is such an enigmatic and unique hero

The Silencers most be the next level of humans having lost interest in such things as happyness and sadness and physical matters as sex or favorite foods, maybe just be with other fellows silencers  in combat is what they consider pleasent