Holy Cr@p!!


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I always wondered when some would have the balls to create a third game for the series and you have... fantatsic!
This has to be my greatest game of all time!!!!

Oh I read a bout shadow grounds on another post. I have that game pretty awesome... also another great game worth getting if you like the crusader series which is a must is killzone liberation on PSP it rocks.

How much dev is still to be done? 1 year 2 years? thanks

also Forsome reason i cant see any screen shots in the screenshot topic section? what gives?




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Hey there!

Yeah, we're all hardcore Crusader fans... we definitely have the balls.  :p

I'm moving this to the HL2: Regret board.

Can't see screenshots? Weird.


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I can see them now !... so far looks awesome!!!
been browsing this forum all day skiving off work ha

do you know what view the game is going to adopt? 3rd person or FPS? thanks man


Hey there bro. So far the idea is First person view as the third person will require heavy modding (which is at the current stage will take too long time and slow done the development greatly). However, in the future we may consider 3rd person view. The thing is that HL2 has the option for the 3rd person and some integrated camera controls.

So in short so far FPS (as it is easier to concentrate on the level building and mechanics), later... hmmm who knows ;)


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Have you guys played Alien Swarm? Thats a 3rd person view and is a half life mod... Maybe Crusader: No hope could be based like that?

Their new game Alien infested looks awesome!!!

What do you guys think?


Alien Swarm is actually UT2004 mod and a top down view, not isometric.

However it's sequel is based on a Source engine. As for the sequel. It's a stand alone commercial game. So it won't be a mod for Half-Life 2. It's actualy another Shadowground. That game also used Source Engine.

Making the games like Shadowgrounds or AS: Infested requires some good programmers as the Source Engine is basical the rendering engine. It's a shell in which you create the game. Level builder, mission orginiser, etc will need to be created from scratch. This requires a lot of work.

More than this No Hope is and will be Adventure game in Crusader Universe. It won't be action game in any case. Even when As:I will be released and it will have modding tools and I find time to learn those tools to create mods for this game, No Hope will only be ported to 3D, but will stay Adventure game. So basicaly you will just walk around, moving in 3D and solve puzzles. However, and you can quote me on this. So far I have no intention on doing No Hope 3D. It means that I'll stick to the AGS engine so far and No Hope 3D might never see it's birth. Just 2D No Hope, which is currently on hold.

And as it was already stated, so far we concentrated on the HL2: Regret mod. More than this, this mod is developed by Jupix and we just assist him in the best way we can.