Getting hard copy of No Remorse working -- need help


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I'm new to this place, and I haven't had time to look around much, so just stop me now if the information I need is already here.

I recently went digging through some boxes in my basement, and found my old Crusader: No Remorse disk.  I went to install it on my (sort of) new computer.  It didn't work at all, saying that I had an incompatible video card or something.  I don't remember the exact words.

Anyway, I head back into the basement and dig out my old fossil of a computer, which used to have the game on it and running fine.  The only problem is that my daughter had used it since then (just before heading to college), and we had done some weird stuff to it before then, I forget exactly what.  Nothing seemed different at first, but the game wouldn't install.  any time I tried getting it to work, I'd get the following line in the DOS window:

Halted file DOSFIX32\DESCRIPT.c, line 284.

I'm not at all knowledgeable about the older computer stuff like this, and was hoping that somebody could help me figure out what is wrong here.

If you can, please just e-mail me help, as I check that every day, and may not remember to check back here.  I'll try to remember to check back here though, in case you don't feel comfortable e-mailing me.
Yeah the problem is Crusader dont works in the dosprompt window because...its not dos :D

However you should try to install and play the game in dosbox 0.70

Here is the link:

As for how to get it to work...Take a look in here:
Alright, thanks to both of you!  I got it working now, and I'm having lots of fun with it again.  Thanks much!