First model package



Hi everyone,

I compiled some of the models i've made so far and at least in Modelviewer they seem to work.

Can someone download the package and tell me if they show up correct?

copying /models and /materials into your mod directory should do the trick.
I've compiled them using the Orange Box Tools, but i also added the sources if you want to compile them yourself.


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Nice, I was eagerly waiting for the last couple of models (generator and health station look awesome). I checked these out in Hammer, but there's a couple of problems.

The health station imports quite big:


It's actually so tall it escapes room height :) I'd say it needs to be about 90% its current size, or maybe 80%. Speaking of scale, the big container is also slightly off, it needs to be maybe 125% its current size... it seems a bit tiny currently?

Anyways, the rest imported without a hitch and they're in! Screenie time:





Hey, this worked out better than i expected, especially because my Steam install is seriously messed up.
I have to compile the models on my desktop computer and watch the results on my laptop, because on the desktop the compiler tools work but the modelviewer doesn't and vice versa  :p

I've changed the $scale property in the qc file and recompiled the 2 models.
Medistation is now at .85 size and the container at 1.2
Hope it worked, otherwise id' have to resize and export the lightwave models.
The problem is that i make the physboxes with XSI because i still can't get any concave hulls with lightwave and that takes a bit more time.
If changing $size is sufficient, then you can finetune the value yourself as you only need to recompile.

I also added the model for one of the barrels i made, everything can be found under the same link:

Have fun  :D


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Aw hell, I forgot all about the scale variable.

I'll get tweaking when I get home from work tonight.

Oh and one thing I forgot to mention earlier, I'd like to request you name all future directories and files with lower case letters only. I got some strange errors while compiling the map until I renamed stuff to lower case.


very nice indeed.

Aby, bro, maybe I'll give my complete models to you in Lightwave? So you can compile them, it seems you do it very good instead of me :)

I took 1 week vacation and currently began some modeling again. Maybe later today I'll show a new model.
New week, when I return to work, I'll upload some ofthe models I already did in Lightwave format, which are marked green here -


Sure, you can give me everything.
I'll also upload everything, including the lwo's to our repo later (lowercase this time  8) ).

I also wanted to fiddle around with the qc commands and the textures.
A humming electric sound from the generators or a glow map on the Medistation which lights up when it is active would be nice.


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Abyssary link said:
A humming electric sound from the generators

Will be there. 8)

a glow map on the Medistation which lights up when it is active would be nice.

I'll do it with lights (like in the screenshot above), only it will be static when idle and pulsating when active.