Echo Sector update


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The forum software has been swapped from MyBB to XenForo. Nothing should be out of place as it was a smooth transition, but please let me know if there are any issues. I’m eager to get our community going again!

I’ve been neglecting the site for a long while but I’m seriously looking into redoing the thing again. ProcessWire as a framework is looking more and more tempting for me as it will allow versatility and ease of editing after a foundation is created.

Community involvement has been on my mind for awhile. One obvious thing to kickstart it is a wiki database. Such a system would cross off a huge item of what I want for Echo Sector, which is the in-universe stuff. Please post in the forum which software you think would be best for our community.


I'm liking XenForo so far though I'm not familiar with it's capabilities from an administrative standpoint so I can only attest to end-user. It loads fast and seems pretty lightweight! Good stuff.

For wiki, some heavy hitters are MediaWiki (Wikipedia), XWiki, and Wiki.js (though Wiki.js gets into node and stuff so if PHP is more one's thing then maybe the other two).


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The forum transition looks great! :cool:

As always, the updates are much appreciated.

See you around!


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The style is great, I was just a lil' suprised when I first visited the site since many months.
Thought that place was gone or so... great update. ;)