DosBox Cycle Rate??


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Hey, I've been running my Crusader games off DosBox at a cycling rate of 15000 but do not know if that is really the best speed to be running it at.  Sometimes sounds and movements are a little choppy and I'm sure it would run more smoothly if I changed it a bit.  What are your setups and what cycle rate works best for you guys?  Here are some details about my computer setup:  Dell Inspiron 9400, SP2, T2500 @ 2.00GHz, 1.00GB of RAM, 100GB hard drive (56GB free space).  Much appreciated

The new DosBox version (0.70) should handle CPU cycles automatically. I found it to be a major improvement, running Crusader almost decently on my obsolete computer (just gameplay, movies generally lag).
Hmm... I have 7.0 but have always manually adjusted it before running the game.  When and how does it automatically adjust the cycle rate?  Do I need to enable something for it to do that?

Edit:  Its been running on automatic cycling apparently but still is not smooth enough.  So I guess i should stick with manual adjustment settings.  Input on what others run theirs at would be appreciated.
DOSBox isn't perfect, but it runs DOS games very, very well. In the future when more versions and better hardware come out, it will be very easy and awesome.
hmmm cycles depend on the PC. for every person it's completely different. For me DosBox 0.70 works perfectly, I do not need even to adjust anything. So i'm using the default auto cycle speed. The cycles that I used previously... I do not remember them already sorry :(
DosBox is a CPU intensive app. Your PC spec is quite good to run the game, but if you have any other program which competes for CPU runtime with DOSBox from time to time(e.g. anti-virus realtime monitor, download manager using a lot of disk IO, etc) , it won't help whether auto cycle or not. 

Look at the task manager for any high CPU consumption app. Try to close any unnecessary app when you are play the game and increase the priority of the DOSBox. 
Thats really strange. I never had any problems with Dosbox 0.70 either.

Auto cycles was on and crusader runs almost as smooth as it runs on my old Pentium 1.

But like silencer said movies lag.
I have a Pentium 1.7, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB Graphics card...

Set up No Regret to run at 22000 cycles in DosBox, gameplay is generally perfect but movies skip a little bit, but not too bad. Just play around with it!