DOSBox 0.65 and Crusader: No Remorse




I have a problem with Crusader: No Remorse which I have tried to get it running on Windows XP.

Using Dosbox 0.65, I installed the game (full installation) and ran the Crusader.exe (typed CRUSADER) and it just displayed in a red DOS screen with the error message - small print; "Unable to open file (null), in file FILE\FASTFLEX.C, Line 38"

Now I have heard of this problem before, and the only solution others have come up with is to create a SAVEGAME file in the directory, which I already have. Unless the file itself isn't valid or anything else, OR I'm probably missing something else...what should I do? Does the SAVEGAME file need to be replaced, removed or what?

I've also posted this on the Crius forums.

Thanks for reading.

This is a classic error. Try reading the DOSBox guide we have put up here, then try it.

If that doesn't help, go here
Sorry to say, but i really didn't get much from the guide. I have done what the guide says when trying to install through DOSBox but it just happens again.
And I really didn't understand much or know what to do when reading the Origin Tech Guide.

You said it was a classic problem, so what could the problem mean. Issues with OS, memory or sound?

Thanks for the reply anyway.
Well, it has to do with the CD and Windows... I believe it happens when you try it in Windows without a CD.
After I had re-partitioned my hard drive, I had come across this once before I realized that I had to change the CD drive letter in the crusader.cfg to the one I was using. Same issue may also happen in DOSBox. Please make sure you always use the cdrom drive specified in crusader.cfg, or simply assign/change the cdletter specified in crusader.cfg to the cd drive you are using.