Crusadermaniac's clip about crusader!!!!

Hi all!, first let me say happy friend day! Here In my country we celebrate this day! So you're friends too!!! I have great news! everyone who's interested in! go to youtube and find me with my nick which is Queenmaniac2008!!! I created a clip of crusader series just like a tribute!!! I played Main Menu's No Regret and Phil.amf with my own guitar!!! I attached here the link just inchase! Then if you wish to watch my other videos and comment them too!! :D this is the Crusader clip directly. this is my channel list of videos! you can find it there too.!!

I hope you like it! send me comments! rate them etc, etc! bye bye! :D
THANKS!  :D these songs are supossed to be used to the mugen proyect I'm doing, I also will upload other games songs in  meantime practise! I hope EA stay clear and make a good classic franchise of Crusader! I don't see much action in Starbreeze page! seems! Frozen! >(


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Heres my new video fellers this is my video fellers! I am Andrew Ardito inside youtube check my new stuff and other musicalizing videos. I created a new profile and I am using my real name. Is actually Andrew. And I am an amazing Crusader Fan I returned again here. And it's wonderfull the site design is better than the older one. More Crusader's song I would create. Sooner. I am improving guitarplaying.

Crusader Maniac was my older nick can I associate my posts with Crusadermaniac?