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Hi to all :angel:

I have been familiar with the Crusader games, although I've never cared much about the backstory and stuff so far. Then I became more curious and I have been visiting this site for some time, but the section has been empty. I came to report that I begun feeding a Crusader wiki, focusing mainly on the backstory, the universe and other trivia.

Note that the wiki is not officially dedicated to the Crusader games; it had been an abandoned obscure wiki with the name "Crusader" and since nobody seemed to care about it any more, I chose to adopt it, as of yet unofficially though

Based on the game sources I'm also developing a timeline ( that narrates the events leading up to the games. I don't know if any such attept had been online before, but I started from scratch, and it's still in progress.

This process helped me discover several inconsistencies between the game documentations. For example the enemy armaments described in the manuals seem to be way off the stats given in the Hint Book: the HB says that the Vetron is armed with a PA-31 laser, whereas the WEC manual says it is armed with pulse cannons :huh:

The discrepancies are quite notable, and I don't know if anyone has addressed thie issue before, or which source is correct. I hope that as information is put online, such inconsistencies can be compared against each other and sorted out.

All Crusader buffs or experts will be welcome to share their knowledge.
The problem with weapon loadouts is not restricted to the Mechs but to all units. Enforcers are said to carry AC-88s while I've never seen them with those on any difficulty setting.

As for pulse cannons, I guess a laser could be a "pulse cannon" depending on what your definition of a pulse cannon is. Since it's sci-fi I think you could make it work saying the PA-31 is just a type of pulse cannon. I'd go with whatever the manuals and strategy guides says (if they contradict, list them as alternative load out with a reference note that guide and manual contradict one another) and add load outs seen in the Loose Cannon (which is I think the default) as another alternative load.
I contemplate contributing as I have a lot of original sources, both games with all their inserts (and resist.txt), both strategy guides and I played the games, a lot.

There are some problems that arise beforehand, including the above mentioned weapon loadouts of foes. Some sources contradict one another. One of them is the destruction of Petra. One source (it's in the resist.txt and I think also in one of the strategy guides I think) mentions that the WEC released their new "peacekeepers" (mechs) who slaughtered the population. Of course this could still tie in with the orbital bombardment, mechs going in to round up anyone who might have survived. But it doesn't viable as mechs are very sensible to radiation (blow up a di-cor container next to a mech and it shorts circuit). Of course this telling could still be applied to the aftermath, where the WEC stepped up anti-Resistance operations in other cities.

One more thing, I had been reading about MilOps and Security Cartel. The wiki now says SecCar is responsible for the deployment of MilOps troops. I always thought they were separate entities with their own pool of troops. I recall one piece of literature saying Guards were always part of SecCar and never MilOps because MilOps is only open for more highly trained troops.

In my eyes SecCar is the equivalent of a nations police service while MilOps mirrors a nations army. SecCar would be responsible for police, security of installations etc while military operations are the domain of MilOps. Of course SecCar would be able to request troops from MilOps (Silencers) and vice versa but I always envisioned them as separate entities with their own pool of troops.

Never mind, I just look at the wiki again and I think I read it wrong. It basically says what I think the situation would be.
My original intention was to avoid a wiki database on this site, but as time goes on, I may submit to it for reasons of including the community more on the site. I don't enjoy being the gatekeeper to the website, which is a reason why you rarely see updates on it.
So far I completed feeding every information I could find from the No Remorse manuals, newsletter and hintbook. There is no information from the games themselves. But you seem to have more erudite knowledge on the universe than what appears in those sources, so you can interpret information more clearly and make everything fit better together.

Keenan, you might consider linking to wikia from your site, and of course apply for its administrator in wikia. Unless you wish to have full control of the server and all the data there.
I noticed more issues on servomechs.

One, in No Remorse the designation for the combat mechs is AP, in No Regret its APP. Also the Thermatron and Vetron switch numbers. In No Remorse the AP-4210 is the Thermatron which is being phased out and replaced by the AP-4400 Vetron. In No Regret the APP-4210 (notice the extra P) suddenly is the Vetron and one of the oldest mechs in production while the APP-4400 Thermatron replaces the older APP-4100 (unnamed) series.

The question is, what to use for the "official" part (the trivia can contain the explanation). Do we go with No Remorse or No Regret info? I personally don't think the Vetron would replace the Thermatron. They are both different style of mechs. The Thermatron is a light and flexible anti-personel platform while the Vetron is a heavily armoured mech with greater firepower (compare it with an Infantry Fighting Vehicle versus a Main Battle Tank in terms of general statistics). It makes much more sense the two exist next to each other and the Thermatron replacing the old 4100. I would use the designations in the No Regret hintbook for the mechs and with the Thermatron state it's replacing the old 4100 completely, a process that should last five years (instead of being replaced by the Vetron).
Recently I became admin of the wiki, which means that the wiki is now officially dedicated to the Crusader games.

I totally redesigned the front page, unfinished as of this writing. I also added links to the Echo Sector, the twitter feed, and also included an RSS feed from your site. Of course this doesn't mean that the sites are affiliated or that I want to "steal" some of your effort. If there is any problem with this, please say so. Also, tell me if you think that I must add links to other relevant sites/communities. Feel free to include a link to the wiki if you like.

Everyone is welcome to add/correct/contribute