Crusader games in ScummVM?


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Jun 7, 2020
Finally got around to capturing a video, here it is:

Some obvious bugs in this video:
  • Silencer movement is still yucky
  • Firing is still not hitting the right target always, need to review the code compared to original
  • Health and energy bars still visible during mission intro movie
  • People don't always fall over properly on death
  • Music stops randomly at some point
  • "Atmospheric" sounds overload the mixer - they should be limited to 4 channels based on original code
  • Entering the correct code still doesn't work to open the door
Slow and steady progress..


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Jun 7, 2020
Christmas means lots of free time, so here's what I'm up to:
  • Added Weasel (aka Wezzy)
  • Added movement 'slide' to the left and right like the original - now feels *way* more like the game
  • Added dedicated "atmospheric" channels so the bubbling acid doesn't use all the mixer channels (matching original game behavior)
  • Fixed static items so they animate at the correct speeds and with the correct behavior
  • Fixed enemy weapon firing animations so they actually fire (ow!)
  • Fixed firing to work more correctly - source location, ammunition type, etc (removes some hacks and uses the same values as original)
  • Fixed music stopping randomly
  • Fixed anim direction flags - enemies no longer moonwalk!
  • Fixed NPC death animation a little
  • Fixed No Regret startup (resolves a few issues in it, but siren is still non-stop)
  • Fixed keypads - now work properly, display digits, and support keyboard input
  • Fixed mission start movie to not have visible health bar at the bottom
  • Fixed splash damage - now exploding barrels break floor tiles like they should
  • Fixed sick bays / telporters / elevators so they now get triggered more correctly, although the fix is not guaranteed correct - needs more testing
That's a lot of fixes.. here are some videos. First, I wired Weasel up to the first computer for testing:

And then, here's me just playing through the game - since it mostly works now just with janky bits here and there:

.. I'm not very good at it :)

Obvious bugs:
  • Splash damage from barrels seems to be a bit too strong - I think I know why
  • One of the NPCs get stuck in a loop drawing his weapon - I think I know why for this too
  • Various z-order issues means sometimes things don't appear where they probably should - especially sprites
  • Shooting is better, but still isn't hitting the target sometimes when it should
  • Avatar movement a lot better, but still not as smooth as it should be - Need to keep digging here how the original works


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Apr 21, 2017
Nice work Stauff! I noticed the splash damage too. I know it's not consistent with the vanilla game, but probably more realistic. I kinda like it actually. :cool:

I remember z-ordering being a pain during the development of Exult. They had to hard code a number of exceptions for certain map areas. I don't if Exult ultimately managed to fix everything with an algorithm or whether the Pentagram team also faced the same kind of exception issue thing.

Anyway, many thanks for the Christmas present! 🎁
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