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As we all know, the walls in the original games are very three dimensional with their trellis-sort-of shape. In the screenshots you've seen so far I've tried to recreate the shape with a parallax mapped texture on a simple wall brush. As I've said here before, this implementation is flawed for two reasons: first, the only parallax mapping implementation available is not compatible with HDR lighting, and second, the three-dimensional shape only works when looked at from a zero-degree angle.

Recently, I scrapped the parallax mapped texture and tried to replicate the shape of the original walls with a very detailed construction of non-lightmapped brushes. This, while resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance, didn't scale well to large spaces by hogging resources to no end.

So it is now clear to me that neither of these implementations is going to end up in the mod. So for the development phase, at least, we are going to have to come up with a compromise of some sort, and that will probably be a flat wall surface textured with a reasonably accurate replica of the original texture. I've had a go at this and I'm not satisfied with the result, so the purpose of this thread is to find someone capable of drawing this texture.

Some info on the texture: it has to be a Targa file, filetype which is supported by all the major image editing software, it must be sized a power of two (the parallax mapped texture I spoke of earlier was 512 x 512 pixels, which equals about 3 x 3 meters or 10 x 10 feet in real life), and must be accompanied by a heightmap to give it at least some depth by bumpmapping it.

As Source supports, to my knowledge, only one surface type (metal/wood/etc.) per material, it might become necessary to compose walls of four parts: the bottom metallic part, the top metallic part, the yellow trellis, and the vertical girder visible in the original game between every wall "segment". If this is not done, damaging the wall in its various materials will always sound the same regardless of the actual material, which obviously hurts the credibility of the atmosphere.

So, anyone interested in sketching something up?
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16:18 < Cyberion> Jup the only request if you can do it now
16:18 < Cyberion> i'm planing to model a pillar in the wall section
16:18 < Cyberion> this bend corener attached to every wall
16:18 < Cyberion> corner*
16:19 < Cyberion> cold you post a prite of it in different views while i'm
                  getting home please?

Sure man (though I was away at the time), so here are the sprites you requested.

Support pillar:

However, before you run off to model that one, remember I already have one model for it.

Also, here's a batch of "special" wall textures from the game:

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ok here is the progress on the first wall. Almost done with it. All major details were added.

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ok now the model of wall1 is done completely :D All minor detailes are added. Texturing left :D

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ok just to show you the wall with intersection section, which will appear above walls made of glass.

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ok guys. I spent few days studying closely the UV texturing techniques and after some research and testing I started doing textures for the models I have. This time, good looking ones.

So far I concentrated on the wall section.

Here is the result. Wall is done and fully textured:


And here is the closeup on the wall. So it should look inside the game quite realistic:

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a small update on the wall with scaffolding section. Scaffolding is done as a small piece, multiple pieces could be stack together to form a long line if needed.

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ok guys, now check this out.

The pylon is almost done. Only texturing left. Will release This Pylon and Crates in my next update ;)

EDIT, opps seems Imageshack argues with my images, reuploaded ;)


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Ok guys, I have textured the Pylon. Will edit the models and will provide this Pylon for download, so we can check how it looks in game with the wall for example that i provided earlier.

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Are you planning on modeling the other two types of "special wall"? If I had those I could replace my brush placeholders with the real thing and work out some mapping related stuff better.

Also, any chance I could have the texture you are using for the wall itself?
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ya i'm planing to do it bro. Just give me some time. I'm under the drugs. This illness is hard for me.

Use the wall that I gave you so far. Just rename it to wall2 and wall3 when i'm done I'll send you the new models. The size is the same, so you won't have troubles. Later on all you need to do is just replace them with the real one :p

And yes, you may have that texture. Let me find it again. lol
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Wow this is quite looking awesome !
But i am not sure if its to much for a first person perspektiv.
In the iso perspectiv it was looking good and you haven't recocnized it all the time because you also look on the character. Maybe here its better to differ to the original and also use some simple wall textures.
Maybe you add an start  with pipes coming out of the wall attatch some meters of pipes like in the screenshot and
let them disappear in the wall again.
Nevertheless as static mesh the resource need should be low, but the lightning is a problem.
well I guess we should concentrate on map first and models. Create and fill map with those. And later on we will model walls if needed and edit map accordingly.  ;)

As for demo and out first release I think we should avoid walls question for the time being for the sake of complition and easiness.
I'd like to have them in game by alpha 0.1. They do improve the general feel of the maps that much.