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Cyberion link said:
Well, it's your domain my friend. Please write some useful and universal information about coding for our mod that might be useful to people who is going to help us with finishing our modification.

Please refer to my FAQ in modeling section for example.

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Okay, so this is still a WIP.  I'll completer it before too long.

Coding, that sounds fun.  What is it?
Essentially coding is what makes the game actually work.  The game is being built in the Valve Source Engine and what that means is that most of the grunt work is already done.  All we have to do is add any bits of code that are needed in order to get the games weapons, enemies and other unique features to work.

Alright, what do I need?
First of all, your going to have to download the Source SDK.  If you own a Half-life game, then you already have the option to download this.  It should be available for you in Stream.  Second you need a way to actually organise and compile the code.  For that, Visual Studio C++ is needed.  Personally, I use the express edition which is free to everyone.  It requires a little tweaking to get it running, but it saves a lot of money.

What do I need to know?
When altering anyone's code, the first thing you need to do is understand it.  Your first task then would be learning how to write in C++.  Getting to grips with the basic syntax and structure of the code is a must.  Second, a knowledge of object orientated programming (OOP) is needed.  If your armed with both of those, then my third suggestion is to get stuck in.  Grab the SDK and starting making a little mod of your own.  Get a feel for how the different classes (characters, weapons etc) communicate information.  Also, visit the developer community ( and try some of the examples there.

I'm a coding expert, cut to the point.
Get the SDK, visit the dev community and get to know the structure of source, and give us a shout.  Every bit of help is appreciated.
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