A little tribute to Crusader series...

JC Denton

Me drumming along Crusader theme for No Pity. Watch in high quality (480p)!

Enjoy!  :)

Good! I like this.

Can you drumming  "The Traveler" Crusader: No Remorse 1995 Andrew Sega or "Phil" Crusader: No Regret 1996???

Not good, but VERY GOOD!!!
When I find some free time, I'll consider doing it.  8)

These two songs (and also "Ninth", "No Pity theme", and "No Regret theme"), when it comes down to rhythm and arrangement, are pretty close.
Just wanna say that I did another Crusader tribute video. It's pretty much a remake of the old one. I did it again because I didn't really liked the first version, and also because that video is "trapped" under my old YouTube account which I can't access anymore (it is linked to my old, deleted Google Account).

I updated the first post here (new link). Anyway, I think this second version is better - better lighting, arrangement, camera angle, drumming, sound...EVERYTHING!

So here it is (again):


(this link is also in the first post).

Enjoy (again)!   :D
ohh bro, this is really good. Drums are much clear and lightning is definitely the way better ;)

This one looks 10 times better than the previous one. I like, no I love it! Please drum some other Crusader music ;) Maybe Ninth Crusader?  :p
As I promised, here's another drum cover. "Ninth Crusade" from No Regret:  :)


Awesomeness. I think I will practice on the Ninth Crusade as well. Just need to tie my controller into FL Studio for recording
DerakOren link said:

I like this druming

Thanks! BTW, a link to my original drum tribute video on your website is not working anymore because this video is deleted. I have an "updated version" on my new YouTube channel, so if you wish, you can update a link on your site.  :)

You can find both Crusader tribute videos here: