A hint to watch the movies in No Remorse !


It's simple, in fact ! ;)

Copy the content of No Remorse CD on your HDD and mount the repertory as CD-ROM drive in DOSBox. Now, replace the intro movie (in the FLICS repertory) by another and run the game in DOSBox ! If all is OK, you'll see the movie of your choice on the place of the intro movie !...

I'll edit this message later to write the name of the intro movie : I'm at work and I haven't my CD-ROM with me ! :p

EDIT : Here the name of the intro movie file -> T02.AVI

Obviously, I advise you to backup original movie file rather delete it ! ;D
Unfortunately, there isn't a codec to watch the videos in any media program. Jason Ely and others have told me it was a unique codec only No Remorse could decode.
But where i can find other videos to No remorse ? Not only intro
But they don't work  :( - when I play Crusader no remorse the videos are skipped. Also I can't talk and buy weapons in rebel base
Please make sure your game is not any of those ripped versions, and config your video properly using the command "install". Once I had the same experience with No Regret just because the config file was corrupted then.
Also, for future reference, we don't support pirated copies of the game here. We won't help you out if you're using a pirated copy.
You probably have 'FLICS=False" in your CRUSADER.CFG file. Change it to 'FLICS=True".