3D Models


The following is a list of 3D models needed to achieve our current goal.

Current goal: finish first room


Workstation Finished by Abyssary


Container #1 Finished by Cyberion


Container #2 (WIP by Cyberion)


Container #3, Tall container (WIP by Cyberion)


Intrusion alarm light Finished by Abyssary


Intrusion alarm control switch Still needed


Fence #1 (by the teleport pad) Finished by Cyberion

Fence #2 (for lining raised spaces) Finished by Cyberion


Computer terminal Finished by Abyssary

Switch #1 (keypad/toggle) Still needed, PRIORITY

Switch #2 (big lever, operates the elevator) Still needed, PRIORITY


Switch #3 (keypad/passcode, two versions) Still needed


Teleport pads (active & inactive) Finished by Cyberion


Security camera (a working one and a shot one) Finished by Heoga


Security console Still needed


Gas container tank Still needed, PRIORITY


RP-32 clip Still needed

Updated the first post.

And on another note... How is the barrel collision model progressing?
ok here it is. All collision models I make, I'll call bounding box. So in the archive for every model will be a model itself with a unique name and collision model named bounding_box.smd for this model. It's a simple 6 polygon shape for collision purposes.

Barrel(I removed those detailes on top, i guess we do not need them).

The Teleporter:

A request:
Please could you now compile a map that you have so far with the added model I gave you please? I would like to see in real time how they look in the engine. That way I'll know what I can improve to make them look even better.
A suggestion... I'd like for the models to be as accurate as possible. I know it's not my mod, but I really really really want it to be as accurate to the source material as possible.
Not in any way, IMO!

And GOOD NEWS, Cyb! I just got the barrels to work 100%:

And here's the test map you requested. Just unpack it in "\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\jupix\half-life 2\hl2" and you should be good to go. :)

Some minor tweaking with the collision model is still necessary but all in all we're now set for some "assembly line" modeling :)
Here we have the teleport fences in place and also a size mockup of the teleport pad. It's 96 x 96 hammer units, 8 hammer units tall (maybe 16 if you prefer it that height). :)

thx, but i'm jsut a modeler there ;) Jupix is a builder :p

as for collision model. Jupix, i noticed that you used the old model. Use the one I sent you in a package with collision model. It's corrected and edited one. So there might be a trouble bro.
I just imported the fence models and tried them out, found out they're way too big... Can you cut up the models so that the corner bit would be a half of its old size and the segment would be 1/4? Also, can you cut the ends off the models so that having lots of them side by side would not result in an irregular pattern? Maybe have the "end" bit as a separate model?
bro can't you shrink it a bit? It's quite hard to try and find exact size. For will be easiest way to model by the dimensions.

I mean you tell me how long it's in meters and I model it. I need height and width in meters or centimeters. That way I can model exactly the size you need. Otherwise I have to imagine from the image and reference material, how long and big it can be.
Someone has to "imagine" anyway because obviously there's no "official" source of dimensions info. I think it's best if we leave that to the modeller, because I'm as likely as anyone to get it wrong... However, in this case the overall size (scale) of it was spot on, that means height and depth. What I meant was the "segment" model had too many "segments" in it, meaning it could be cut to 1/4 and we would lose none of its shape, but it would be possible to tweak the size of any fenced zone more accurately. Same goes for the corner tile.

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about. I've colored red everything that's unnecessary:


Just clipping off those extra bits would make the models perfect.
ok got you bro.

I'll make 1 section. And corner one 1x1 section. No problem here. I though you talked about exact size, like in centimeters.