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    File repo - upload your contributions!

    Hi guys, I've now got a functioning file repo online for our development files. This includes everything ranging from models, textures, code patches to release bundles. The repo requires logging in. All contributors have upload rights. New categories and user accounts are created by me, so if...
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    Level 1, Section 1

    Level 1, Section 1: Opening room Description: Player enters a cargohold through the sliding double door [P.START], has to solve problem #1 (how to operate the lift), problem #2 (how to disable the energy barrier) and exits through the sliding double door on the second floor. Map New content...
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    I'll be leaving for a while

    Hi guys, This is just an announcement of something I've only mentioned to Keenan and Nikolay (Cyberion) so far. As you may or may not know, all Finnish men are obliged to go through a period of military training in their lives (look up "conscription" on wikipedia). This is usually at the age...
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    Level layouts: Level 1

    For your reference and viewing pleasure, here's a thread for my panorama screenshots from the original game showing the original level geometry. Kicking off the thread with my newly stitched layout for the first level. Don't look closely, it's got horrendous stitching errors, particularly in...
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    This thread is for screenshots which don't fit under the other topics, and with which you can follow the project's progress. Kicking off the thread with a laser barrier. :D It's really cool in game, it's actually a live beam and it glows. It's also got spotlights to make the "emitters" glow. :)
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    General Textures Discussion

    This is a general "textures needed" topic. I can do a little bit of texturing myself, but it would speed up things a lot if I had help. So if there is someone with a knack for texturing and some spare time, here's some tiles you might be interested in drawing. :) General info on textures File...
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    Complicated Walls

    As we all know, the walls in the original games are very three dimensional with their trellis-sort-of shape. In the screenshots you've seen so far I've tried to recreate the shape with a parallax mapped texture on a simple wall brush. As I've said here before, this implementation is flawed for...