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  1. compelx

    Crusader Font

    Has anyone done conversions on the game's font? I wanted to grab a copy if it existed for a little web project but it looks like I might have to manually splice and create some vector images from the rasters.
  2. compelx

    No Vindication Development - 6/8

    Had some more time to think about the two problems I'm facing. To recap, they are: The first problem is if a player approaches an object from the sides it will displace them, in a jarring manner, either north of our south of the object. Preferably it should make the player stop altogether...
  3. compelx

    Some Custom GoldenEye 64 Music

    I think years ago I posted a few tracks I made while tinkering around with my DAW. I've since created quite a few more and thought if you guys are fan of that old N64 game you'd get a kick out of these. GoldenEye N64 - "Severnaya Twist" Soundfont Hybrid...
  4. compelx

    Rebel 1 Recreation (Piano + Bass)

    This was my attempt to recreate by ear Rebel 1 without using any samples from the original. Though I don't have a way to recreate some key pieces (like the guitar) I like how it turned out :)
  5. compelx

    CNV Development Feedback

    Hello all! I'll use this thread to communicate with everyone. If you all have any questions, tips, constructive criticisms, or suggestions of any kind feel free to share. I would like to start by asking for feedback on the idea of the camera following the player. Check out this video that...
  6. compelx

    CNV Development Blog (9/6)

    9/6/2016 - God.. bless this country.. there are a lot of bitmap sprites in SPRITES.FLX. They’re aggregated into blocks with addressed filenames like (xyz-001, xyz-002, etc). Thankfully, that means that while you may not know what you’re looking at (is that a door or part of a wall) you at least...
  7. compelx

    No Vindication Blog

    11/19/2014 [Smooth Collisions, Object Sliding and Depth] Depth Depth is pretty much standard - we have static and dynamic objects, only in the sense of mobility. Static objects, like boxes, walls, etc are set to whatever the negative value of their Y coord is on the level grid. Dynamic...
  8. compelx

    Demo/Sample Videos

    [SORTED BY DATE - NEWEST FIRST] CNV Engine Idea #1: Camera Follows Player CNV Engine Sample #2: Multi Trajectory Collision Handling (Single Level Height) CNV Engine Sample #1: Smooth Collisions
  9. compelx

    Public Project Discussion

    - 04.20.13 Hello everyone, glad to see Echo Sector is back up and running. I would like to extend an invitation to previous project members or anyone else who is passionate about the Crusader series. Given the amount of free time available with my new job and my recent move, I am planning to...
  10. compelx

    Mosin-Nagant :)

    I picked up a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 7.62x54 Russian bolt-action rifle :) What ya'll think? It was packed with grease but in pretty good condition! Came with a bayonet and a crap load of other things. $99USD
  11. compelx

    My Music Creations

    So I was playing around with some software I have on my system - created this for fun. Thoughts? *Please move this back to the Off-Topic section* --- Goldeneye N64 Remakes Goldeneye - Janus Control Theme - Goldeneye - Caverns Theme -...
  12. compelx

    Domain Expired?

    Domain Expired? Seems so...
  13. compelx

    Crusader: No Remorse on Android Possibility

    Hello to all! Just wanted to share what I have found playing around with some apps for Android. I have always used DosBOX to play CNR on my PC, however, I got the idea yesterday to try the same on my G1 HTC Dream Android-based phone. First thing I ran into was that there are no DOS emulators...