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  1. Berserker.79

    AMF2MOD command line tool

    Thought I might share this here, mostly for "historical reasons" and/or in case someone from the Echo Sector staff sees any use in adding this to the site's collection of resources. The attached zip contains a little command line tool called AMF2MOD (with its source code and readme) that will...
  2. Berserker.79

    Custom music (AMF) support broken in GoG version of No Remorse?

    Did anyone else have problems with the GoG version of No Remorse when trying to get custom music (AMF) files to work? Apparently, after loading a custom AMF file to play as the background music for a given mission, the game will crash as soon as the mission with the custom music starts (or if...
  3. Berserker.79

    No Remorse No Remorse: Mission 9 bug? Or is it just me?

    Hey, Been a while since my last visit here and looks like my previous account is lost, since it's associated to a longer functioning email address... :rolleyes: Anyway, I've been playing again the Crusader games lately and I'm trying to locate as many secret areas I can. While playing Mission...