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  1. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret room M10, level 4

    This one is on the 4th, optional, level. At the end of the third level you can choose between two telepads. The one protected by numpad takes you directly to level 5, the other to this level. About halfway is this area. Anyhone know how to open this door? The room is on the Prima guide maps but...
  2. The Silencer

    No Regret No Regret: Mission 3 - Where to find this keycard?

    Another long standing enemy of mine. This area is in level 1 of mission 3. In mission three you can find secret ducts not far of the beginning and you end up here. At 1 is a keycard reader for a blue keycard. This is NOT the blue keycard you find going up the stairs in a safe as this opens the...
  3. The Silencer


    I was wondering, is it possible to extract the sound files from either game? I'm looking in particular for some death screams and lines guards and civilians say when they see you. And of course the alert lady.
  4. The Silencer

    The Silencer: hero or antihero?

    How do you see the Silencer? Since the Silencer never speaks we never know his TRUE motivation of switching sides. Is he disgusted by the WEC in general to a point where he honestly believes he needs to fight to get rid of the WEC to make the world a better place (ie the cause of the...
  5. The Silencer

    No Regret Mission 6: secret telepad

    Another one I can't solve. This one is on the lower (third) level of the Ore Separator mission, near the beginning of the mission if you don't take the conveyor shortcut. This telepad actually leads to the telepad on level 1 which in turns leads you to the conveyor shortcut. Anyone know how to...
  6. The Silencer

    No Regret Mission 5: unreachable containers

    See these containers on mission 5, second level. It's near the end of the level, the room before the regular elevator (not the secret one). How do I get up to those boxes? I tore the map apart looking for a switch that maybe activates a telepad or something. [hr] And another thing, when entering...
  7. The Silencer

    No Remorse Removed item? Alarm Card

    While browsing through my No Remorse strategy guide I suddenly noticed something I've never really noticed before. This hasn't made it into the game as far as I know which is a shame. Because when you think about it, it's weird that just anyone can deactivate the alarm. It doesn't make any...
  8. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret monitor level 2

    I found the monitor above using hackmover. Like the previous secret telepad it shows on the maps but it's not documented in the strategy guide. I also don't know how to get in there without using hackmover. The only possible door seems the wallspace next to the camera at the elevator but I...
  9. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret telepad mission 2

    I think I found another secret telepad I never found before. It's on mission 2 on the second level of the mines, shortly after Torch contacts you about a large Di-Cor deposit to the north and a safer route on a conveyor. Of course I took the northern route. I could hear a telepad. I couldn't...
  10. The Silencer

    Remap DOSbox controls

    Something about playing Crusader in DOSbox that bugged me since the start are the DOSbox controls. CTRL+<F> are all special DOSbox keys. Which means I can't put the invincibility cheat on. I've found there's a keymapper in Dosbox but I'm too stupid to figure out how to bind the CTRL+F10 function...
  11. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret room mission 3

    There's one secret room on level 3 I just can't get to (and I can't remember ever getting there, though through hack mover I've long known it exists). This can be found at the very end of the first level, just before the lift door. Screenshot is included. The room is shown in the strategy guide...
  12. The Silencer

    Forum spam

    Lately there has been an increase in spam on this forum. New "accounts" either spam links and stuff in a message, or have a signature with spam links and then spam topics with "interesting info" or "valuable information" or something like that. I keep reporting to those posts whenever I see them...
  13. The Silencer

    No Remorse Differences in PC and Saturn version

    I am just watching a video review of the Saturn version. It seems that in the Saturn version you could read e-mail from other resistance members (not just messages from the General). The review showed one of Yo Yo emailing all people in Echo Base to keep their eyes open around the Silencer to...
  14. The Silencer

    Using Crusader cheats in DosBox

    Is there a way to the invincibility cheat (CTRL+F10) to work in DosBox? CTRL+Function keys are DosBox commands, so CTRL+F10 won't work for the Crusader cheat.
  15. The Silencer

    No Regret Secret telepad Mission 8

    There's a secret telepad in Mission 8, level 2. It's not a big secret, it teleports to the telepad above (which can be reached through the lightbridges), but I want to know how I can access it (I used the hackmover to make it visible)
  16. The Silencer

    No Remorse "Scoreboard" bug?

    In the Rebel Base, you have the wall monitor which keeps track of your kills. Mine was bugged. It didn't count any Stormtrooper kills as Stormtrooper but instead added them to the count of the Guards. Has anyone have this? Maybe it's a bug they never noticed and thus never fixed.
  17. The Silencer

    No Regret Secrets in No Regret not covered in Prima Guide

    I finally started playing No Regret again after all this years. In all my years of playing I think I unconvered nearly every secret. While I play now, I have the Prima Guide with me, to double check if I really have all the secrets. To my amazement, I found one that is not covered by the...
  18. The Silencer

    No Remorse intro cinematic: did the Silencer let his teammates die on purpose?

    The recent topic by Shadowen (questioning the Captain's gender) got me thinking about the intro cinematic again and I already expressed some thoughts towards that in that topic. I initially wanted to post that in my post there as well but I felt this was going hugely off topic and probably even...