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  1. Keenan

    Crusader and Doom meet in CrusaDoom wad

    Two classic games meet in the CrusaDoom wad for Doom II. Straight from the source: Check out the recently-released beta version here: I've long wished that a Crusader modding scene existed, but I'll gladly take Crusader representation in the most prolific...
  2. Keenan

    No Regret support coming to ScummVM

    Matthew Duggan has been busy adapting No Remorse to ScummVM. That has proven to not be enough as they just recently added No Regret to the to-do list. Initial progress so far has the game running, albeit with some pretty funny bugs like the alarm blaring and never stopping. Matthew has expressed...
  3. Keenan

    Crusader in ScummVM

    Crusader: No Remorse is being ported to game engine interpreter ScummVM! It is based on the long-running Ultima VIII project Pentagram, which was recently fully integrated into ScummVM. As part of their news update, the Pentagram folks proclaimed: Well, someone did, and that someone is Matthew...
  4. Keenan

    Andrew Sega interview

    Crusader composer Andrew Sega was recently interviewed on YouTube show Composers Play. He outlines his music history, the production of MOD music, and Origin Systems. It is exciting to see new content like this created about Crusader!
  5. Keenan

    Echo Sector update

    The forum software has been swapped from MyBB to XenForo. Nothing should be out of place as it was a smooth transition, but please let me know if there are any issues. I’m eager to get our community going again! I’ve been neglecting the site for a long while but I’m seriously looking into...
  6. Keenan

    DF Retro looks at Origin Systems and Crusader

    The YouTube channel <a href="">Digital Foundry</a> has focused in on Crusader and Origin Systems in its latest "Retro" video series entry. From the description: <blockquote>This week John explores one of the most important developers in PC...
  7. Keenan

    Universe wiki?

    Howdy. What do you all think if I set the "Universe" section of the site to be a wiki installation? I was thinking we could host directly on this website.
  8. Keenan

    Soundtracks updated

    At one point I believed the <a href="">Music</a> section was complete. Lo and behold, my tagging wasn't entirely correct, so I've uploaded all new versions of both soundtracks, in all formats. The notable changes include changing Basehead's composition to his...
  9. Keenan

    Forum funkery

    Yeah, I know the forum's messed up. There were some issues at one point with an upgrade and I never got around to solving it. As of right now, I'm waiting for the impending release of MyBB 2.0. Hopefully it won't take too long!
  10. Keenan

    No Remorse turns 20

    <a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-513 size-large" src="" alt="" width="640" height="759" /></a> This month, we celebrate the...
  11. Keenan

    Movies section added

    The <a href="">Movies</a> section of Echo Sector has finally been put online. Here you can view every cutscene from <em>No Remorse</em>, and soon <em>No Regret</em>. I have also added the subtitles that are displayed when you enable it from game—bear in mind, it...
  12. Keenan

    Podcast discusses Crusader

    Episode 73 of the <a href="">Upper Memory Block podcast</a> focuses on <em>Crusader</em>. Host Joe Mastroianni gives an overview of the games: the story backdrop, gameplay, music, and a history of the development process. Overall, it's a great introduction to the games and...
  13. Keenan

    Source art assets and design documents uploaded

    In celebration of the free promotion of <em>No Remorse</em>, I have uploaded 10GB of <em>Crusader </em>source art assets and design documents for unreleased games in the franchise. You can find the downloads in the <a href="">Artifacts</a> section of the...
  14. Keenan

    No Remorse for free on Origin

    EA's digital distribution platform Origin currently has a free copy of Crusader: No Remorse promotion running. Now's the time to grab it if you've been waiting for a digital version of the game! Get the game <a href=""...
  15. Keenan

    Tony Zurovec joins Star Citizen development team

    <em>Crusader</em> creator Tony Zurovec has joined Chris Roberts' <a href="" target="_blank">Star Citizen</a> project as Director of Persistent Universe. The following is the official press release. <a...
  16. Keenan

    Crusader releases on Origin

    The <em>Crusader</em> games, along with many other Origin classics, have hit EA's digital distribution platform, Origin. The prices for each game in USD equate to $4.99, which is a dollar cheaper than the versions. <a...
  17. Keenan

    Ancient DOS Games review of No Remorse

    Kris Asick of the Internet game review show <a href="">Ancient DOS Games</a> has reviewed <em>No Remorse</em>. It's a ~20 minute overview of the game with quite a bit of retrospective analysis. His major concern, obviously, is the control system. Despite being...
  18. Keenan

    Ultima Codex interview with Jason Ely

    The <a href="">Ultima Codex</a> site has put up an interview with ex-Origin Systems programmer Jason Ely. While most of the interview focuses on his involvement in <em>Ultima VIII</em>, he talks about his work on the <em>Crusader</em> games as well...
  19. Keenan

    Box contents uploaded

    Echo Sector may currently be sparse, but today I have uploaded documents from both games to the museum "<a href="">Artifacts</a>" section. The PDFs on the page have been reproduced using source material and an Apple Macintosh with software of the 1994-1995...
  20. Keenan

    Logos of No Remorse

    Sometime in 2011, I received two dozen CD images of <em>No Remorse</em> production material. With this post, we are beginning a series showcasing the treasure that is found on these discs. All contents of these discs have been preserved and will be available for your own perusal when the museum...
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