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  1. IGTC

    No Remorse Mission 7 secret room 2

    Been many years but I distinctly remember doing the roll to get on to that lower alcove. What I don't recall is how you get back on to the platform!
  2. IGTC

    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    That's totally awesome. I know I shouldn't be such a graphics baby since you've done so much other excellent work on this game but this is one thing I gotta see!
  3. IGTC

    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    Nice catch about the couple! You're right, I probably wouldn't have noticed.:oops:
  4. IGTC

    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    "... if you like some middle-aged Mark Hamill." Haha, if viewing a middle-aged Mark Hamill is the price for pixel perfect vids, I'll take that any day! 🎥🎬(y)(y)(y)
  5. IGTC

    Cpl. Troy "The Wizard" Reeves

    That is absolutely amazing. If the guy can write the script for a movie as good as Sicario then Without Remorse bears looking into.
  6. IGTC

    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    Awesome. That's a nice buffet of fixes! Looking forward to playing that iconic first level with Andrew's sweet sound track. 🎶
  7. IGTC

    Other "cheat" codes in No Regret

    Nice discovery. What does MEMORY do?
  8. IGTC

    Universal keypad code

    Cool! Maybe they're the birth years of the core developers.
  9. IGTC

    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    Nice work Stauff! I noticed the splash damage too. I know it's not consistent with the vanilla game, but probably more realistic. I kinda like it actually. :cool: I remember z-ordering being a pain during the development of Exult. They had to hard code a number of exceptions for certain map...
  10. IGTC

    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    Question here. Will the game be open to modding? Not asking you to write an editor!! Just wondering if modding might be a thing like with OpenXCom and other remakes.
  11. IGTC

    Upscaling cutscenes

    For me the face was really the only part that has issues. The rest of it is a huge!!! improvement. Am I right that the original videos were 240x176? Betamax is something like 486x333 I think, so getting those would effectively double the base resolution then. In any case you did a fantastic...
  12. IGTC

    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    Hey this is just awesome! Like famine to feast in no time. :D Happy happy, joy joy!
  13. IGTC

    File formats for crusader levels

    Anyone know of any sources where to find the formats used to define crusader levels? Cheers, IGTC
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