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    Trying to make a master list of easter eggs and secrets

    I'd be glad to add a page to Echo Sector with all the findings. It seems like the best place on the internet for it.
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    Playing crusader no regret in 2022, boy is it hard!

    No Regret is tough. Each room and encounter needs to be assessed quickly or you're a goner. The console versions of No Remorse are pretty different overall compared to the PC. It's safe to say it's easier than the PC version, so you might have been conditioned into how that version plays and...
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    AMF2MOD command line tool

    This inspired me to go through my Crusader bookmarks I built up over the years. Any look familiar? Adam's Crusader Page Crusader - WEC Home Page Crusader Explorer 1.1 download Crusader FAQ Crusader No Regret Crusader No Remorse CrusNR - Home...
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    Crusader series - dev tools/SDK/whatever...

    Awesome! Good choice on Godot. Sprite tool link working for me on my end, both links. Regardless, I've attached it here.
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    Crusader series - dev tools/SDK/whatever...

    Still hoping to find a Crusader master source CD hidden away in an EA office somewhere!
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    No Remorse: Mission 9 bug? Or is it just me?

    Pretty sure I've encountered this as well. It's been a long time, though. I think it's a generic error for teleporters without a destination associated to it. Man, I love Mission 9. I think it's the best of the game. Wish Origin released a level editor for Crusader, because I would've made a...
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    AMF2MOD command line tool

    Very cool! I'm sure @Jely will remember that email. :) I swear I had this tool on the website at some point. I'll add it. Thanks! Also, weren't you a webmaster for a Crusader site way back when? Your name looks very familiar.
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    No Remorse Doing No Remorse interview article, HELP NEEDED

    Thanks for this! These articles were the best pieces of Crusader journalism in history!
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    Custom music (AMF) support broken in GoG version of No Remorse?

    Both the root game folder and cloud_saves are mounted in how GOG has the DOSBox configuration. It is as simple as making a folder in the root game directory (example: C:\GOG\Crusader\MyMusic), and using that to store the files instead of the cloud_saves folder. This is how I did it. Confirmed...
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    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    Always great to see you here, Jason! Less-than-stellar controls being the only real issue that people encounter these days is a victory for Crusader's legacy, in my book. That and maybe not-so-smart enemy AI. I follow the "Crusader" category on Twitch and check out streams every so often--it's...
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    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    I feel like most people would want WASD + mouse, in a way similar to Synthetik. I'm personally all for options, but I sure wouldn't use new control schemes. Seeing people play Resident Evil HD remake with the new alternative control scheme (which is default, for some reason) makes me shudder.
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    No Remorse Mission 7 secret room 2

    Very cool! I can't remember if I've discovered this before. I've yet to go through the maps extensively to know every nook and cranny.
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    Crusader and Doom meet in CrusaDoom wad

    Two classic games meet in the CrusaDoom wad for Doom II. Straight from the source: Check out the recently-released beta version here: I've long wished that a Crusader modding scene existed, but I'll gladly take Crusader representation in the most prolific...
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    Crusader games in ScummVM?

    I concur on all these points. An easy test to compare the controls is hold down, then hold left or right to try and walk backwards in a circle. I can't replicate this in the ScummVM version. Aiming is definitely not the same either.
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    Help screen easter egg

    Good to see you again, Jason! Hope all is well. I do recall seeing your poster. We must have conversed about it years ago. I'll have to see if I have how to access it saved somewhere.
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